Benefits of a First Look

What Is A First Look?

A First Look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony. It’s a private moment between just the two of them and their photographers and many couples choose to do a First Look.

Benefits Of Choosing To Do A First Look

1.It Allows For More Flexibility

Doing a First Look allows you to take all of your formal photos BEFORE the ceremony. This is important if you are having a winter wedding (it could be dark by the time the ceremony is over) or don’t have a lot of time in-between your ceremony and reception. Some couples want to be at their own cocktail hour and would be able to if they chose to take their formal photos before the ceremony.

2.Helps Calm the Nerves

If you think you are going to be really nervous walking down the aisle, or if you think you’re going to cry when you see your spouse for the first time, a First Look may be for you. It’s a good time to cry it out, laugh it out and just have a moment together before the ceremony starts. It also gives the groom freedom to be himself, instead of calm, cool and collected in front of all the wedding guests. Seeing each other before walking down the aisle may help ease those pre-wedding nerves.

3.Adds Another Memorable Moment

If you have a first look, that means you get to enjoy another special and memorable moment on your wedding day. That means more photos too!

4.Spend More Time Together

When you do a first look, you get to see your fiancé sooner and spend more time with them on your wedding day

If you are still unsure if a First Look is right for you or not, feel free to talk with us (your photographers) about it. We will weight the pros and cons with you and look at your timeline to see if doing First Look is suggested due to time restrictions, or if you truly have the flexibility to do decide based on personal preference. We are happy with any decision you make! We hope this helps you decide if a First Look is right for you.

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